CSHS Weekly Bulletin

February 8-14, 2016

The Principles of Learning

The Principles of Learning state that students learn best when provided:

  • Novel experiences at the individually appropriate level of challenge--or stretch

(just the right balance of challenge; not too easy or too hard)

  • Meaningful repetition with variation

(practice can make perfect if it's not boring: provide variety over a period of time

to counterbalance the rate of forgetting)

  • New knowledge is connected to previous knowledge

(tie ideas and experiences together)

  • High quality models

(imitate and demonstrate)

  • Multiple and frequent opportunities for success in small learning increments

(break down goals into small successful steps)

As you plan for this week and upcoming units, consider how you are implementing the Principles of Learning & the 3 C's & 3 R's (rigor, relevance, relationships, choice, creativity, and customization) to lead to student success and long-term retention of information. Tweaking a few small details when crafting your plans can make a huge difference in student performance.

May you all have a wonderful week!


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Girls & Boys State Nominations

It is time once again to nominate current JUNIORS for Boys and Girls State. The nominations are due by Friday, February 12. They should be the cream of the crop in every way - good communication skills, responsible, does not have to have superior grades, but a hard worker. Please ask Valarie Reed if you have any questions. We have had some great delegates in the past - so help us find some more!
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ARD/504 Calendar Invitations

The spring is certainly a busy time of year, and we know that any time away from your classroom is hard for both you and your students; however, another important part of our jobs is to attend ARD and 504 meetings. If you are on campus the date you are asked to attend an ARD or 504 meeting, our expectation is that you accept that invitation.

If you are getting multiple invitations for the same day or are feeling overwhelmed about the scheduling, please contact the assistant principal for your department.

G/T Update

Remember to complete your G/T 3-hour update before February 29th!

ALL TEACHERS need to submit the form. If you attended a conference for G/T credit, answer question 1 and email Mishler your certificate.

Student Registration Calendar

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Student Recognition

We'd like to recognize the success of our students on the announcements and social media. Please email Tiffany and Victoria or place an announcement in the box on Tiffany's desk. In order to be included on social media, please either send a picture of students or your organizations logo. Thanks!

Are you showing announcements during advocate?

Please make sure you are showing the Daily Announcements each day during Advocate.
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Duty Schedule

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Walk Throughs

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Upcoming Events

2/16 Lady Cougar Softball vs. Caldwell

2/16 Cougar Soccer vs. Bryan

2/16 Cougar Bball vs. Rudder

2/17 AMC 10/12 Test

2/18 Choir Solo & Ensemble Contest

2/19 End of 4th Six Weeks

2/19 Cougar Soccer vs. Willis

2/20 Sadie Hawkins Dance

2/22 Cougar Baseball vs. Brenham

2/23 Lady Cougar Soccer vs. Rudder

2/24 Junior Class Field Trip to George Bush Library

2/24 NHS Induction

2/25 Orchestra UIL Recital

2/25-27 Cougar Baseball Brazos Invitational Tournament

2/26 Cougar Soccer vs. Livingston

2/26-27 HOSA Area Meet @ Brenham

2/26-27 UIL Academics Invitational @ AMCHS