Wildlife Conservation


The issues this charity is trying to stop is illegal trade of animals. People are killing animals like elephants, tigers, and sharks just for little things. For example we are killing tigers to use their fur for carpets, and for elephants we are using there Ivory and tusks. For sharks people are killing at least 75 million sharks a year. They are trying to make it illegal so they can save the animals. To conclude people are killing animals but only using small parts of them.

WildAid, When the buying stops the killing can to.

They have are trying to help to stop the killing of elephants and tigers and rhinos because they are only being used for there ivory. Once they can get the word out what's going on and people stop buying the ivory the animals can stop dying. They are also trying to stop the killing of sharks because we kill about 75,000,000 a year. So if you donate money 91% will go to help the programs and the other 9% goes to pay workers and to pay off the buildings.

How to help!

You could donate money to help them try and save the animals. Another way to help is to not buy ivory because that is why they are killing the elephants and rhinos. Also don't buy tiger rugs because that is a big reason why the animals are being killed.
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