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25 September 2015

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2 October- End of the first quarter
5-10 October- No School Fall Break
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  • Telling time to the hour and the half hour
  • Using a frames and arrow diagram
  • finding the main idea and supporting details
  • common nouns (naming words)
  • how writing my personal narrative is going
  • if a number is even or odd
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Parent Reading Pipeline

Back Up and Reread by Allison Behne

Many times when reading a story, adults get to a point where they realize they do not understand what they are reading. Somewhere during their reading, they lost concentration and therefore the meaning of the story. When this happens, as adults we realize we have lost comprehension and we stop, backup, and reread. Children are no different than we are. They need to be taught the strategies good readers use to be successful.

Your child has been introduced to the comprehension strategy of check for understanding. In learning this strategy, the children are taught to stop throughout the story and ask "who" and "what". Now, your child is working on what to do when he/she is not able to answer the questions of "who" and "what". Your child is being taught the comprehension strategy backup and reread.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

1. Model this strategy for your child. When reading with your child, stop to check for understanding. If your child has difficulty answering the "who" and "what", remind your child to back up and reread. Tell your child to read slowly and think about what is being read. After doing this, stop and check for understanding again. Remember, modeling is one of the most effect teaching strategies.

2. Remind your child that using the two strategies, check for understanding and back up and reread, together will help with remembering and understanding the story.

3. Often it is easier to understand text when you read it slowly. Encourage your child to read slowly, follow text with finger if it helps, and truly think about the meaning of the words/story.

Thanks for your continued support at home.
written by Allison Behne