Civil War

By Zachary Roland Period 7

Key Events in the Civil War


1st Battle of Bull Run

The first Battle of Bull Run was in Virginia. At the time Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union (North) and Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate (South).



481 killed

1,011 wounded

1,216 missing


387 killed

1,582 wounded

13 missing

Both sides had poorly trained troops and both sides were poorly led. The south soon got reinforcements and broke the Union's right flank. The union soon retreated and the south soon won.

Important Individuals and thier roles

North's Important Individuals

Abraham Lincoln

The Union's president

Ulysses S. Grant

The union army's commander

Robert Gould Shaw

Commander of the 54th Regiment

South's Important Individuals

Jefferson Davis

The Confederate army's commander

Robert E. Lee

The Confederate army's commander

The government

The country was split in half and had different governments. The North believed in equality for all, while the south centered around slavery. "This war is to test democracy itself" was said by Abraham Lincoln. Soon the south gave up and equality happened.