Background information

Capital- Paramaribo

Major cities- Albina and Totness


Was Suriname controlled by another country? Yes, England

When did Suriname gain independance? England

What is Surinames official language? Dutch

Geographical information

Where is Suriname located?

Suriname is in South America , Suriname is located in between Guyana and French Guyana.

What are some physical features of Suriname?

High lands, Suriname river, and tropical rain forest.

Political and Diplomacy information

What type of Government have? Liberal Democracy

Who is Surinames leader? Dési Delano "Bouterse"

What countries are allies of Suriname? Guyana and Brazil are buissness allies

Economic and trade information

Currency- Surinamese dollars

Economic system- Socialism

What does Suriname import? Large construction vehicles, cars, sodium or patasium peroxides,delivery trucks, poultry meats.

From where do they import goods? United States, Netherlands, China, Japan, Brazil.

What do they export? Aluminum oxide, gold, refined petroleum, bananas, rice

Where do they export goods? United States, Belgium- Luxemburg, Canada, Barbados, France

Tourist information

Why should people visit Suriname? For one thing there is beautiful scenery. Another great reason is that Motorcycles are a very popular way of transportation.

What should tourists see? Central Suriname nature reserve, And coppename river.