By: Nichole Bugner

What is the Issue?

Self-Harming is everywhere, and people don't realize that. People are carelessly passing those who need help. And by that some feel alone and hopeless, and people can cause this even without knowing. Usually people would think self-harm is just cutting, but no it's also self-starving, self-poisoning, self-suffocating, and suicide.

Who does this effect? Why?

The majority are teen girls, and some teen boy. But rarely young children. Why does this happen, there are many ways of how self-harm can be inflicted. Like long-term depression when that person feels like giving up, or needs a way to get away from the pain. Also Bullying, and abuse (physical or mental). Female Teens are effected the most the majority of the time, they want to fit in the crowed at school. The age-period of teens is the hardest of most females in life, male teens usually do this because of depression abuse, or bullying. But even if they are bullied, more male teens would just take it, and not self-harm.

Personal Stories

" So i am a 15 year old girl and all my life i have been bullied, and sexually abused. My life is crap, i feel like **** constantly and i even started getting suicidal thoughts and cutting. I need help. Nothing helps, my "friends" try to but nothing works" - anonymous *march 03, 2015*

"I've Been self-harming since the 9th grade. Last week was the last time i self-harmed, because i promise my sister that i wouldn't do it anymore but its getting very hard to keep my promise" -Anonymous

"I've started self-harming after my parents divorced and the continuing of arguing. Along with that a close family friend died (3 years ago). I felt lost and hopeless, and lifeless. When my sister found out, my heart shattered when I saw her face. Disappointment and sadness. She made me promise never to do that again. I've tried but I've broken it many times since last year in September. That was when she found out. I began gaining hope when I began writing, reading, and drawing out my feelings. I haven't done it (cutting) since the New Year's Day, January 1, 2015" -Nichole Bugner

Why should there be a memorial for this issue?

To show those who self-harm that their not alone, and that there is hope. I know most how harm themselves think its a bunch of baloney, well i did too. But once you reach out, those people will being feeling life, and hope will come back. But not immediately. By that life will slowly and steady come back and you would become balance in life.

where would this memorial be placed? Why?

At our nation's capital. Washington D.C. Why because, in the heart of our country shows that our nation has heart to those who feel alone and hopeless. The country is spirited with happiness and glee, so why not share it with those who need someone's support.

what is your hope or goal for this memorial?

what my goal is for this is to show that, they aren't alone. we all have had our fare share of sadness, and that we know its hard to fight our feelings. whether its physical or mental, things cant be forgotten but that cant stop us from moving forward in life. Things happen, but with someone next to you to guide you through tough times, life will almost be smooth as a black ribbon across the world.