Rachel Anne Evers

An article about me!

First thing you will notice about me,

When you meet someone for the first time your instinct is to shake their hand and to talk to them lots and get to know them, right? Well what I do might be perceived as the exact opposite, because I am an extremely shy person, so our first encounter might go like this, you put your hand out to shake mine and I look at it for a second and then really fast I push my hand to yours and get the handshake out of the way extremely fast and in doing so I never break eye contact as if my eyes somehow forgot how to blink. Now as for the conversation side, you are lucky if we even get to this point odds are you either caught me off guard while I was alone so I don't have someone to fall back on or I cant think of an excuse on why I have to leave. Now once we get to talking you will notice that I hate small talk because it doesn't come to me as naturally as it may to most, I find it harder to answer questions like "what did you do today" and "how many siblings do you have" than more in depth questions like "how do you think the earth was formed" and "what do you value most in life". I am a shy person.

A day in the life of Rachel

A typical day of mine is very simple, I wake up and eat breakfast then I do school for varying amounts of hours and then I usually hangout with friends after school is over. Then dinner comes... I eat at the table with my whole family, then I might work out or watch a movie, then I am off to bed.

Plans for the Future?

After high school I plan on taking a year off to volunteer and work to save up money for my schooling. Then I hope to take my bachelor of arts in Psychology at Mount Royal University, and then I plan on transferring either to University of Calgary or an online university to pursue either a doctorate or a masters in psychology. After that I want to either become a clinical psychologist or a forensic psychologist.


One of my biggest interests is the sky, everything about the sky fascinates me. I could spend a whole day just watching the sky change colours and look at how the clouds move with the wind. One year I want to do a photo project where I take a photo of the sun setting everyday for a year and then make it into a time lapse.


I absolutely love animals, when I was younger till the age of 15 I wanted to be a vet because all I ever wanted was to take care of and be involved with animals, then when I turned 16 I came to the realization that I would never be able to be a vet because I don't do well with blood and/or injured beings. But I am lucky enough to live with three pets whom I love very much.