July 4

I was born


White Sox's pitcher Ed Walsh stops Ty Cobb's 40-game hitting streak

A hitting streak is when you hit safely in any amount of games. Ty Cobb went 0-4 in that game. He achieved this huge hitting streak in 1911.
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Weird Holiday

Independence From Meat Day.

A day to not eat meat. A day to try vegetarian meals. This holiday was founded by vegetarian awareness network.
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Food Day

Caesar Salad Day

A salad with romaine lettuce Crutons Parmesan cheese. Created in 1924 by Caesar Cardini. Named after a Chef, not Julius Caesar
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William Coolidge

In 1933 William Coolidge obtained a patent for the x-ray tube. Device used for generating x-rays. It is small and portable.
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National Holiday

Independence day

Independence day is on July 4th every year in the United States of America. Independence day is a holiday is a day that we celebrate the United States of America becoming an independent country. Independance day was established as a holiday in 1776
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