The MAIN causes of WWI

By: Blake Watson and Brooks Anderson


Militarism is when a countries military is ready and on guard 24/7. These military preparations strengthened the belief, that to gain world power you must do it through war. European countries focused on their military readiness, and because of this a war seemed awaiting to happen
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Alliances were a cause because so many European countries were allied with each other. So if one country had beef with another country it bring in other countries that were allied with other countries. It was like a chain effect. France, Russia, and Britain were in the Triple Entente. Italy, Germany, and Austria/ Hungry were part of the Triple Alliances of the central powers.
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Many countries in Western Europe were building up their empires. They would often get into disagreements over who has the control of certain areas of the world. Countries did not trust each other war was inevitable.
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It contributed becuase some nations wanted to insert their power and dominance. Countries were very patriotic in themselves. And believe in there own culture, economy, and military.
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M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI