Grade Two News

School to Home Connection

Language Arts

  • Had October Book Club: Freckle Juice and made slime
  • Spelling words to remember: remove, measure, escape, stationed, friends and weight
  • Started Herman story and learning about flies
  • Interpreting ambiguous sentences
  • Practiced sentence writing


  • Creating and Reading a Bar Graph
  • Tallying and Counting by 5's
  • Identifying Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique Lines
  • Dividing a whole into halves, fourths, and eighths
  • Addition facts: sums of 10


  • Worked on habitat presentations
  • Drew a food chain
  • Identified how animals depend on other animals
  • Took MAPS test on science

Social Studies

  • Identified how and where people lived
  • Identified producers and consumers
  • Learned fire safety rules
  • Many students still practicing their "home" address