Park Staff Newsletter

What have we achived as a team?

Well Done On Your Achivements!!!

we would like to thank all our staff for all they have done and helped us achieve! recent reports have showed that over 80% of our customers have said they have enjoyed their stay at Thorpe Park Thanks to our wonderful staff, keep it up guys in addition to this over 70% said the park was value for money thanks to the marketing team, tech team and design team for their behind the scenes dedication on making sure that the park has amazing rides and food at the right price of entry. With hygiene, toilet facilities and customer service all being scored over 70% it shows real promise and we can only thank you for your hard work and devotion to your job whether your cleaning toilets serving customers or behind a computer making sure money is being well spent all jobs are important as it shows on in the latest Key Performance Indicators data collected. Congratulations on such high scores.

We Want To Thank YOU!

Plans & Rewards


we hope to make some improvements to our Key Performance Indicators results such as our welcomes on entry which scored quite low we are doing a great job but there is always room for improvement so we want BIG SMILES on the gates. We want our customers to feel like they are welcomed just like how you want to be felt a art of the team and wanted. W know some customers don't always deserve our beautiful smiles but, hey lets show them of anyways. As members of the team we should be making customers enjoy their day even more I mean come on we are the best team around we need to show them that and not just keep it to our self's show-off your beautiful personalities to the world, and we know some of you have great dancing skills why not show that off too and make their days more enjoyable?


the park is looking at a new reward system. we are looking to plan secret customer who will go around and see how staff take to customers and those who make the most impact and show the best customer service that Thorpe Park expects from the workers.

there will also be a scheme provided to owner more long term workers who have been with us. There will also be rewards such as shopping vouchers, higher percentage discount and things like a day off pass. so stay on your toes.