Sixth Grade Weekly News

January 29, 2016

A Week in Review

Math - We finished up our Expressions and Equations Unit! A copy of the post-tests will be in students' Friday folders!

Reading - We are still studying nonfiction text and working with text structures and features to help with our comprehension

Social Studies - We continue to do research on the geography of our Ancient Civilizations to get ready for our presentations.

Science - We finished up our extreme weather presentations!

Writing - We have finished our first round of research on "Teen Activism" this past week and wrote a Flash Draft about what teen activists have in common.

Kindergarten Buddies - We made symmetrical snowflakes with our kindergarten buddies this week. Check out a few in the pictures below.

Genius Hour - We have been working all week to blog about our first round of Genius Hour. Check out our blogs at:

A Peek into Next Week

Math- We're going to be taking a pre-test on our 3rd unit: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions next Monday. Then, we'll begin our instruction with the unit Tuesday!

Social Studies - We will begin our slide presentation on the geography of different civilizations.

Science - We will be making weather reports with our extreme weather.

DARE - We will start our first two lessons of nine next week on Monday and Tuesday morning with Officer Hogan.

Student-Led Conferences - We will continue to prepare for our 2nd round of Student-Led Conferences.


Student Council Smencil Sale continues through next Wednesday. Only $1 for a Smencil!

DARE - Monday and Tuesday morning

Tuesday is Groundhog Day. :)