Peter the Great

Ashtyn Hicks

Fame or Shame?

Imagine your grandfather being the tzar of Russia, then dying and leaving the power to you, as a 10 year old boy. Would you be able to handle the stress and control your country? With the help of his brother and sister, that's exactly what Peter the Great did. In 1682, Peter was promclaimed Tzar, but due to a power struggle between different political forces, he had to rule along side with his brother, Ivan, and his sister, Sofia. In 1689 Sophia was overthrown and exiled to a convent. Then 7 years later, Ivan died, which only left Peter. Peter remained monarch and engineered a series of reforms that were to put Russia amount the major European powers. Peter the Great should go into fame because

Peters Greatest Accomplishments

  • Created a strong navy.
  • Reorganized his army according to western standards.
  • Secularized schools.
  • Administered greater control over the reactionary Othodox Church.
  • Introduced new administrative and territorial divisions of the country.



Peter the great was a Russian czar who in commonly known for his extensive reform to establish Russia as a great nation. While the Renaissancw and the Reformation spread throughout Europe, Russia rejected westernization and remained isolated from modernization. Peter overcame opposition from the countries recent czars, and created a series of changes that affected all areas of Russian life. Peter focused mainly on the advancement of technologies, and on developing commerce and industry. Using western culture, he modernized Russia's alphabet, introduced new calendars, and created the first Russian newspaper. Peter also gained more territory. Through wars with Turkey in the south, he gained control of the Black Sea, and also of Estonia, Latvia, and Finland.


In conclusion, Peter the great modernized Russia, claimed new territories, and created a stronger army. Known for his powerful reform to establish Russia as a great nation, he should be in fame because of all of the great affects he had on this country. He exeded expectations of Russia from other countries all over the world, and without him, they would not be as developed as they are today.


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