Apps For Mobile Learning

iOS apps you can use in a high school beginner french class

Word Reference

Word Reference is a dictionary app that is easy to use and gives you context for the word you are looking up. it would be useful in the class as it is not as disruptive as a classic dictionary and also provides phrases. This app allows students to have conversations in french without constantly pausing to find a word in a dictionary. (Image:

French Exercises

French Exercises provides various exercises covering many different subjects. In the classroom you can offer this app as a resource for students who are possibly struggling with certain grammar concepts. It also has plenty of vocabulary flash cards that students can use for practise. (Image:


Duolingo is an app that allows students to complete various grammar exercises, it tracks their progress and will share their progress with others. There are verbal assessment features which are a great feature. This app allows students to learn outside of the classroom in a fun and interesting way. This app was Apple's Best App of 2013. (Image:


This is an app created by the french portion of the CBC and gives access to news and videos from across canada. This is more for advanced students but will help with their verbal and reading comprehension. This mobile app allows students to access french resources and choose topics that interest them for example they can watch and read things about sports or entertainment etc. making it more interesting for each of your students. As well you can use this information to create in-class discussions about current events of your students choosing. (Image:
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Using this app students could create comics using their own avatars, in a french class this app could be used for storytelling and demonstrating knowledge of vocabulary. Allowing students to tell their own stories in french and share those stories, getting students more involved with their learning. (Image: