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End of the Year Stress

Before you look at the "Upcoming Events" section, I thought it might be a good time to talk about how stressful this time of the year can be for educators. Not only are you trying to ensure all of your standards have been addressed and manage challenging behaviors that the end of the year can bring about, but you are also hoping that students put forward their best foot with all of the end-of-the-year assessments. You are planning culminating activities, uploading evidence, and thinking about your GAP reflections (or will be here soon). It is all too easy to drown in to-do items in April and May. WE ARE A FAMILY and we are here for each other. Uplift others, support others, lean on others. Every school year will have a post-spring break to end-of-the-year block of time...that's not going anywhere. So how do we make the most of the time left that we have with this year's class? How do we keep our focus on the students? How do we ensure that although we may feel stretched to the max, the students don't feel it? When it is all said and done, we are here for them. The end of the year is so much more than "getting through". It is about making memories, feeling loved and soon-to-be-missed by your teacher, and excitement for the hot summer days ahead. Keep your eyes on the prize, and know that we are all in this together!

These links may help: (some of these are common sense, but there are some cute ones in here too)


The newest edition of the Literacy FOCUS newsletter from the IDOE can be found here with many resources on the topic of fluency.


This summer Maple Grove will be a busy place! Honey Grove is holding their summer camp here again this entire summer. CGCSC is also hosting the elementary summer school here during the first 3 weeks of June. I'm sure we will need to utilize classrooms for that, so I will share more as soon as I know anything about it. We also do not have any details yet of the building cleaning schedule or open/closed dates for the summer.

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In The Know...

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/11: SST
  • 4/13-4/19: Book Fair
  • 4/13: ER: PLC's
  • 4/14: Kdg Round Up 6pm
  • 4/14, 4/18, 4/19: Data Sweeps
  • 4/19: Spring pictures
  • 4/20-4/29: ISTEP testing
  • 5/2-5/4: NWEA testing
  • 5/11-5/12: Data Team meetings

Please help me welcome our new 2nd grade teacher in rm 17, Mrs. Suzy Mayfield! She will begin officially on Monday.

Happy Birthday to...

Courtneigh Marlin (4/6), Sarah Lux (4/8), Lisa Fisk (4/9), and Paige Prather (4/13)!
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A Big Superstar goes to...

  • The 2nd grade team and Heather for helping out in room 17 during the transition.
  • Carrie Dilley for putting together our (brewery) Gala basket from MG. It is amazing!
  • The 1st grade team for braving the elements today at Garfield Park for their field trip! Brrr!
  • Andrea Lee for graduating from the Indiana New Administrator Institute (INALI) before break. This was a two year professional development commitment that all of our elementary assistant principals participated in together. Congrats Andrea!
  • Don't forget, you can nominate a colleague for Superstar recognition in the Friday Focus, or you can share good news so that we can share in your joy as well!