Franklin House

Week of October 14, 2013

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: We will compare and contrast the book “Number the Stars” to the movie “Miracle at Midnight”. We will also be starting to brainstorm ideas for our personal narrative. Students should continue reading their independent book at home each night.

Mrs. Allen: This week we are continuing to work on our personal narrative. Students should be adding a second paragraph, descriptive wording, dialogue, and checking for conventions. We will also be finishing up The Cay. Students will be taking a test near the end of the week on the book, its themes, and story elements.

Ms. Naze: We are continuing discussing Number the Stars in groups. Students are revising their personal narratives adding imagery, dialogue, and other devices. Students need to finish two lessons in TeenBiz.


Math 4: This week we will be starting unit 3 working with all operations of decimals.

Math 7 & 8: This week we will continue working with area and perimeter of polygons including trapezoids and regular polygons.


This week we are starting vertebrates. Students should be working on their Animal Kingdom Project that is due October 30th at home. Here is a link to the directions.

Social Studies

We are learning the story of the Wild West. Students are investigating the characters, the setting and the events as people settled west of the Mississippi River. Students need to also be studying the the states. There will be a states quiz at the end of the month.

Conference Sign Up

We have Parent/Teacher/Student conferences coming up this month. Because we are a three person house, you will sign up with your child's English Language Arts teacher. We will have information to share from all the teachers in the Franklin House at the conference. You will find the information and link on Lineville's Home page.

We record assignments every day during guided study time in planners.