Balancing work and family

by: madison turner

Clarifying Values

  1. one key to managing work and family demands
  2. modifying or prioritizing our values can be one way of easing role strain
  3. working early is important

Set priorities and manage time

  1. central to effective time management
  2. often leisure hours are spent doing what we think needs to be done instead of what we want to do
  3. ask yourself what do i need to do to reach this goal
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Set realistic goals and expectations

  1. Goals are important because they define how we use our time
  2. perceptions, attitudes and expectations are important in understanding and addressing work-family issues
  3. Our values give us the'' push'' to move toward achieving our goal
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Let go and understand control

  1. Delegating or dividing work to accomplish priority needs and wants
  2. Understand what you can and can't control
  3. Revise plans when they don't work or changes need to be made
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