Mr. Bennett's Classroom Update

January 19 - January 30


In writing, we are working on developing our first Personal Essay. Over the past two weeks we have learned all about the components to a Personal Essay. In the next few weeks we will begin writing our first essay. This coming week we will be writing a class Personal Essay. We will also be studying about how to write a strong introduction and conclusion to our essays. We will then turn our attention to taking the information from our graphic organizers and turning it into a strong personal essay. After we have completed our first drafts we will then begin to learn about some different techniques to revise our essays.


Here is a breakdown of skills and strategies we will be covering over the next two weeks.

Week of January 19th:

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Vocabulary Skill: Context Clues

Grammar: Helping and Main Verbs

Spelling Focus: Variant Vowel "o" - Spelling Posttest: Friday, January 23rd

Week of January 26th:

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Vocabulary Skill: Context Clues

Grammar: Complex Sentences

Spelling Focus: Homophones - Spelling Posttest: Friday, January 30th

Home Reading Sheets (green sheet) will be due on:

- Friday, January 23rd

- Friday, January 30th

If you are looking for ideas to check your student's reading comprehension at home here are some questions you might ask:

- Ask your student to compare and contrast two different characters from a story they are reading. Ask your student to use a Venn diagram to complete this check for understanding.

- You might also have your student write down a cause and effect or two from a story they are reading.


In math over the next two weeks we will continue our study into division. During this chapter (11) we will look at using fact families to multiply and divide. We will also continue to look at different strategies to divide by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Be sure to keep working on those addition and subtraction basic facts. If your child has mastered both addition and subtraction, feel free to get started on multiplication and division basic facts (0-10)

Unit Studies

In Health, we are finishing up our unit on Family and Social Health. We will be talking about families this week as well as friendships. Our plan is to do an in class review on Thursday. I will also send home the worksheets your Third Grader has completed in class for review on Thursday night. We will plan on testing over this unit on Friday.

Next week we will jump right into Social Studies. During this unit, we will be studying map scales to determine distances between two locations. We will also be studying the Local Government as well as the three branches of the U.S. Government. Your child will also get the opportunity to learn more about a famous Nebraskan, J. Sterling Morton, who started Arbor Day.

Odds and Ends

Here are just a few other things to remember over the next two weeks.

Library Check-out Date:

Tuesday, January 27

Just a reminder, Friday, January 30, is a Cavett Spirit Day. The theme for the day is "Crazy Hair Day". We are looking forward to the craziness!!!