Spanish 2 U2 Semana 4 Día 5

¡Feliz viernes!

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Jessica who has uploaded this week´s Project ya!

What does "ya" mean? I you´ve done something "ya", you´ve done it already and in a timely manner. If your mother tells you "¡Venga ya!" , she is losing patience and wants you to come right now.

Noticias: Take a look at your Moodle Message regarding today´s Project!

I have sent you details about what to pay attention to as well as a copy of the grading Rubric. Take a good look at the grading Rubric before you begin so that you will know what to focus on. And remember, in this project you are showing how you can talk about a school you went to in Spain in the past. So use the pretérito, or past tense!

Lección: A twist on time. For the students who want to go beyond the basics. Hace que

This lesson will teach you how to say things like, ¨"It´s been a long time since I ate at that restaurant." "It´s been a long time since I saw him."

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