African History Choice Board

By: Maya Barfield

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Independence Quiz

1. Who was the first Kenyan president?

Jomo Kenyatta

2. Who became president after Kenyatta?

Daniel arap Moi

3. Which two ethnic groups are often at war with each other in Nigeria?

Igbo and Yoruba

4. When did the military rule Nigeria?


5. True or false: Present day Nigeria has a democratically elected president.


6. Why was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?

For his involvement in the anti-apartheid movement.

7. Who was the first democratically elected president of South Africa?

Nelson Mandela

8. Who established apartheid?


9. What happened in Kenya in 2007?

Kenya erupted into violent protests when the president won re-election in an election suspected of fraud.

10. Which South African president released Nelson Mandela?

F.W. de Klerk