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Jesse Boyd Elementary School~~~~~~~~~ August 18, 2019

Aloha from Dr. Rose

Aloha from JBE where we inspire and equip your student as a part of the JBE Ohana this school year. We are so super excited to welcome back our returning 1st through 5th graders and welcome our new JBE Cousins. Each year our school has a theme, and if you have not already noticed, our theme this year is Ohana, a Hawaiian theme. Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. JBE is a wonderful family. We are honored each year to welcome your student, and you, into the JBE Ohana. In this family, we are all COUSINS, as our students will be called, and in this family we will work collaboratively towards one common goal- continually growing in academics, in character, and in relationships. Each student will be setting goals and working towards becoming a JBE Kahuna (which in Hawaiian means expert) and will be honored at our monthly student assembly, called Coffeehouse. Your student's teacher will explain those goals in more detail at our Open House in September. Additionally, students are all a part of a JBE ISLAND: O'ahu, Kaua'i or Maui. These Islands will work together on team building and a service project this school year. They will also earn points for their Islands and these points will be used for celebrations throughout the school year.

While many of you are excited that summer is over and students will be returning to school, I understand all too well that sometimes it comes with some anxiety-from students as well as parents. As a parent myself, I am feeling some of that combination of anxiety and excitement as my own children head off, my oldest for the very last year, to a new, amazing high school. Please know that we educators will also not sleep on Sunday night. We understand the deep level of trust that you give to us when dropping off your most prized possession each day. We do not take that duty and privilege lightly. In fact, as a Mom who does the very same thing every day, I understand your feelings and want you to know that we open our doors to the your student every day and aim that the JBE Ohana will take care of your student just as your own Ohana.

We are super excited about the work that our students and teachers will accomplish this year and as always we are looking forward to another outstanding year at Jesse Boyd. If there is ever any issues, questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me anytime at or call the school at 594-4430.

A hui hou (until we meet again),

Dr. Rose

School Start and Dismissal Times

We begin school each day at 7:45am. We dismiss school each afternoon at 2:28pm. The gates surrounding the carline are locked as soon as the line is cleared at 7:45am and will not reopen until 2pm for car pick up.

In order for a student to be counted present for an entire school day, students must be in school by 11:00am or cannot be dismissed prior to 11:30am.

Due to safety and supervision, students are not dismissed from the main office after 2pm.

We understand that many of you will walk your student into school on Monday. We welcome that and encourage you to use the hashtags #JBEOhana #JBEFamily and the Spartanburg School District 7 hashtag #D7backtoschool on your social media pages.We do aim towards independence and we ask that with our 1st-5th graders come to school in their normal procedure on Tuesday. For our 5K students we ask that Friday be the last day for students to be walked in by their parents.

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Safety and Supervision is our number one priority at JBE. We ask that you help us keep all of our students safe by adhering to some common practices for dismissal.


Thank you all in advance for your patience in car line this week. The first few days are always much longer than usual. The car line will get better and will run smoother throughout this week and by the second week of school it should be seamless.

Just a couple of reminders:

-All car riders must have a car tag. Please have these tags hanging on your rear view mirror. If you did not get a car tag at the Luau on Thursday evening, you can pick those up on Monday morning.

The big 2nd-5th grade loop opens each morning at 7:15am, all students eating breakfast will need to enter through that line. The 5K-1st grade line opens at 7:30am.

-If you have students in 5K or 1st and 2nd-5th, please use the 5K or 1st grade car line for drop off and pick up. You will not need to go through both lines.

-Be ready prior to being in the car line with all papers signed and book bags ready to depart the car. It's never too early to start teaching students to unbuckle and buckle themselves in each day.

-If at all possible, have students seated in the back passenger side of the car for easy exit and entrances into the car. Our safety patrol are not allowed to walk off the sidewalk to open doors on the driver's side of the car.

-No passing other cars unless instructed by a faculty member to do so.

-Pull all the way up to the next available cone when dropping off or picking up students.

-Allow your student to get out at the safety patrol member where your car stops. Waiting to get a closer spot nearest the door, holds up the traffic and causes unsafe lane issues.

-Keep music in car at a low volume level.

-For safety, refrain from phone usage in the car line.

-Per District 7 policy, no smoking, even inside your car, on school grounds.

-Help keep our grounds pristine by ensuring your car is neat and free of loose items that may spill out of the car when your student is exiting the car.


Our walkers- will be coming out a little later than last year. These students will be coming out as one group and will be with siblings prior to heading outside.

-Any student who is a walker, must walk to their residence.

-We will not allow students to walk to cars. Picking up students in a car as a walker is against our practice and is unsafe to all.

-The condominiums beside JBE and the apartments across the street from Jesse Boyd have called and reminded us that parents parking in their parking spaces during arrival or dismissal will be subject to towing.

-Kindergarten and 1st grade parents must pick up their student walkers. Students in 5K and 1st grade are not allowed to walk home alone. If a 5K or 1st grade student has an older sibling, a parent note is required for the older sibling to take the student off campus as a walker.


For bus riding information, please call our bus office at 864-594-4423. We have two buses that serve Jesse Boyd. State regulations state that a student's residence must be at least 1.5 miles away from school in order to be provided bus transportation. Being a neighborhood school, many of our students do not qualify for bus transportation.


We have many daycare vans that pick up from Jesse Boyd each afternoon. We strive to work with these afterschool care organizations on quick, efficient, and safe school departures.

-Let your student's teacher know if your child is a van rider.

-If your student is not riding the van for any reason, please call the provider so that they are aware. Oftentimes this delays the dismissal process when the daycare is unaware of your student not riding.

-If daycare vans are unable to consistently pick up students by 3pm, we may end our working relationship with them.


We understand that from time to time, your dismissal procedure may change. Your bus rider may need to be picked up by a car or your daycare may be closed; however, we request that any changes to transportation be placed in writing and sent to the teacher. Due to student safety, rarely will we change the transportation method over the phone.


We understand that next week dismissal will last much longer than it will for the remainder of the school year. After next week, we will need all students picked up by 2:50pm. Staff members begin professional development at 3pm and we do not have staff to adequately supervise students after 2:50pm. Students who are consistently picked up late from school may have school choice in jeopardy. Students who are consistently picked up late from after school activities will be dismissed from those activities.


Jesse Boyd has one of the best Parent Teacher Student Organizations around and who would not want to be a part of that? Each year our PTSO hosts many events- some to raise money and others to provide community events. Our PTSO puts back all of their money raised into your student's classroom. Please consider joining the PTSO.
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School Musical

Each year, our students perform a school wide musical. At our 1st coffeehouse (student assembly), the name of this year's production will be announced. Any student in grades 1-5 interested in being a part of our production will need to pick up forms from Mrs. Fischer, our choral director, beginning Tuesday, September 3rd. Those forms and fees will be due prior to trying out for the play.


Each fall our PE teachers, Coach B and Coach K, host an amazing color run 5K. Please join us for this great event. You can register now online at HUB CITY COLOR RUN!
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Girls on the Run

What a great organization. We are super proud to once again offer this program to students. Coach Andrea Shaw and Coach Corinna Gibbs are leading this club.
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August Menu

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Please see the flyer for a Arts in Motion opportunity.
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Dates Coming Soon

August 19th: First day of school

August 27th: PTSO meeting-6pm in the media center

August 28th: Bruster's ice cream money due (flyer will be sent home next week)

August 20th: College Colors Day

September 4&5th: Papa Johns' nights

September 10th: Open House-5:30pm

September 16th: Fall pictures