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3rd grade Reading Prelim Scores

3rd grade early return of the reading tests will be available on Friday, May 13 at 8:00am. Scores will be on the Measured Progress portal. If you do not know your log in, please contact Erin or Becky.

MAP and MPG Update

This is the final week to wrap up MAP and MPG testing at your school. Remember, if a student needs to retest, the BTC or principal should email Erin to request a reset on a student's MAP/MPG score.

The link to the MAP/MPG administration website is available here.

Grades 3-8 Scoring Tables

Please find the link to the 3-8 Math & Reading Lookup Tables.

Spring 2015 Grades 3-8 Scoring Tables

The Spring 2016 Social Studies tests will be post-equated and performance levels will be available on the 2-Week Summary Reports located in the OCCT Portal around June 1, 2016. This is to accommodate the final year phase-in for the cut scores approved by the Commission for Educational Quality and Accountability (CEQA) in Summer 2014. In addition, Grade 8 science will also be post-equated due to the change in testing mode.

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Demonstrated Mastery

PSAT scores are now posted on the Single Sign On, under the Demonstrated Mastery application. Remember, in order for the EOI Exemptions to be calculated into your 95% tested, they must be logged on SSO. Students who are awarded an exemption through this application will also be awarded a Performance Level of Proficient or Advanced (both worth 1 performance point) depending on their exam scores. There will be no OPI score, and the student will not be included in the growth calculation. As the student did not actually take an exam, s/he will not be included in either the numerator or denominator of the participation rate. The list of ACE Exemptions is available here.

As a reminder, the Demonstrated Mastery exemption will override the “Did Not Attempt” (DNA) status of the test listed in Measured Progress. The Demonstrated Mastery Guide is available here.

If a student needs a #P for a grade and takes the EOI, do not log an MDE for the student on the application. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

EOI Retest/Winter/Trimester Score Reports

High School BTCs, please stop by and pick up the student score reports from the Enrollment Center for the three test windows from which we have final results. Traice sites, your reports will be ready on Friday. Thank you!

EOI Scores on PowerSchool

Retest, Winter and Trimester EOI scores are now posted on PowerSchool! Please send us any updated information for graduation progress pages.

EOI Scoring Tables

The Scoring Tables provided through the link below may be referenced to obtain raw score ranges for each performance level for EOI computer-based tests.

Spring 2016 EOI Retest Scoring Tables

Spring 2016 EOI Scoring Tables

Please note: final English II and III EOI scores are based on the multiple-choice and writing components. A student’s Raw Score and Performance Level may change with the addition of the writing score. Writing scores are provided in the 2-Week Summary Reports. U.S. History EOI scores will be post-equated and scores will be available in the 2-Week Summary Reports.

8th Grade Reading Test Opportunity for OK Driving

We will be offering an additional opportunity for students who did not pass their 8th grade reading test to take an alternative test on Tuesday, June 14. The test will begin at 1:00pm, so students need to arrive by 12:45.

Students must be 15.5 years old and sign up in advance by call Charles at 918-746-6473. Students taking the test for the first time do not have to pay. Additional testing opportunities will cost $25 and students must pay in cash.

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I'm done testing....what now?

State testing is 99% over for the majority of our school sites! Have you turned in your binder and/or Test Administrator/Proctor Security Forms? Please make sure to get this to the Testing Department this week!

There are a few steps you can take to clean up your online testing to make summer corrections easier.

  • Double...triple check who hasn't tested. Go to the portal, click on Test Sessions, choose your subject. For each test session, scroll through and ensure all of the students have tested. Anyone who hasn't completed the test, try to get them in this week (if they are still enrolled). Otherwise, students who didn't test on the online platform and have no other test record- mark them as NLE or ABSENT in the test session by clicking the '+' sign and selecting the appropriate option.
  • OAAP students who are in the portal, ELLs who tested on paper pencil, or first year exempt students will not need to have a not tested code. They have a score or an exemption, so their records will be merged with the Measured Progress test file.
  • High School students with exempt scores should be logged on the Demonstrated Mastery Application.

OAAP-- DLM and Pearson

We are double checking to ensure that all OAAP students have completed DLM and Pearson. Building principals, BTC, and teachers are notified when there are incomplete testlets or portfolios. Please ensure that these are all completed by Friday at the latest. There is no additional extension on these tests.

Important Dates

April 29 Turn in paper/pencil testing OR request additional time (email Erin)

May 6 End of online testing, turn in online paperwork to Assessment

May 6 Last day of DLM Testing and Pearson Portfolio uploads

May 13 Release of RSA 3rd grade scores on Measured Progress Portal (tentative release at 8am)