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Week Ending May 1, 2015

Spring Challenge - Just for YOU!

It is time for our OSE Spring Twitter Challenge! We designed this one to be a little bit different. Since many of you are on Twitter now, as evidenced by our live Twitter feed in the office and our busy #osestars hashtag, we decided that this one needed to have a little more of a challenge to it. Don't worry, you'lll be great!

This challenge is designed for both the experienced and the beginner level tweeter! We would like those of you who are more experienced with using Twitter to partner up with those who may need a little extra help with the platform or are not familiar with this social media tool. The challenges are designed to push both of you---- your spirit of risk taking and collaboration will definitely pay off as you make your way through the activities!

We are most excited to announce that the culminating activity will be to hold our very own, first ever OSE Staff Twitter chat!!! We are going to be discussing Learning Targets and hope that this professional learning experience is one that will leave you inspired and motivated!

This challenge has no timeline, but instead is designed around specific challenges you that you will work your way through. They can be done in any order, however, should be completed prior to our chat night so that we all have experience with the tools we need to engage successfully in a Twitter chat.

Now is a great time to go through the challenge with a colleague, so please join in the fun and let's rock this last month of school like rockSTARS!

**Click the button below for our Spring Challenge Infographic. You can download and print the flyer, and use the wheel on your mouse to enlarge it. Also included here are links to some helpful resources to get you started!

Helpful Resources

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