Revolution Begins


A Mexican Army Arrives in Texas

William B. Travis brought mexican soldiers to San Antonio.

the Committees of Correspondence is a local groups sharing political and they were made to keep the power egual

Gonzales-The Lexington of Texas

Gonzales was called the ''Lexington of Texas'' because that touched off the two revolutions

The Texans challenge the the mexican troops at Gonzales by decorated the front of the cannon

On to San Antonio

One week after the fighting at Gonzales battled for about thirty min.

The Texans decide to attack san antonio next because they said that the only large mexican force.

The Army of the People was led by Stephen F. Austin

Peace Party Prevails at the Consultation

The War Party's position was a independence from Mexico.

The Peace Party's position was Texans should oppose Santa Anna.

The Declaration of the People of Texas in General Convention assembled state that Texans declared themselve to be loyal citizens of Mexico

A Provisional Government Begins

A provisional government is a temporary government.

sam houston's position was chosen to be the commander of the regular army