African hunger

By: Annabelle Hanitz

Imagine living in a country with poverty, hunger, aids, and many other issues, living as if you don't know weather your family will get what they need to survive, have enough food, water, & the proper health care. This affects everyone one in Africa, the children, woman, and 10 million other people. It is African agriculture itself that is in crisis, and according to the International Food Policy Research Institute, this has left 200 million people malnourished.

Africa faces serious environmental challenges, including erosion, desertification, deforestation, and most importantly drought and water shortages, which have increased poverty and hunger by reducing agricultural production and people's incomes. Many of these challenges have been caused by humans; the environment can be said to be overexploited.Low life expectancy, less workers to less out put, increase poverty Level.



- use education, literacy rates

-expected to work

What's being done?

The ADRA is giving family's in need goats. So they ca get milk which help with the protein the family needs and they can make cheese & milk to trade with their neighbors or the market to get other things they need. People are starting to donate food, money, and their time more & hopefully you will you.

What can you do?

Develop new ways to grow food. People need to change, they should donate money and food or even their time into helping African people

The planting/farming that so it's not all fried out and uneatable


People not being able to have enough food to live and them starving to death.So now that you know what is happening & what people can do, you could help donate your time, money, food to Africa. It would probably save a life. Hopefully you see how impacting the hunger in Africa is.


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