The Jumano

By: Sara Bou-Hamdan

where did the Jumano's live?

The Jumano's lived around the Rio grande and the Rio conchoes.

The Jumano usually had tattooed there face and body and anyone with a tattoo might be considered a Jumano even if the are not.

What did the Jumano eat

Corn,squash,beans,meat and other buffalo.

The Jumano usually lived in stick houses or tepees

The Jumano where hunters and gatherers.

The Jumano Indian men usually shaved there heads.

The men would shave all of there head except for a knot they would use very sharp flint to do this process.

what were the Jumano peoples religion like?

The Jumano would usually preform a catzinias . A catzinias is a wonderful cultarized dance