Isaac Newton


Newton came up with three laws regarding physics, explaining how force and gravity worked. It is good for us to know about force, gravity, and motion so that when we are trying to do new things, like explore the bottom of the ocean or other planets, we know how to safely calculate different parts and proportions so that we can do so safely.


Newton invented calculus, a type of math making it possible to find change and the rate of change of something and also dealing with some geometry curvatures. By doing this he stood out from the crowd by coming up with this revolutionary way to measure other shapes and do more advanced geometrical equations.

What he changed

Newton was elected president of the British scientific royal society for many years in a row for changing science and math in such a great way. He used reasoning and came up with a system that actually made sense on how force and gravity worked. He discovered this and many years later with about 400X the amount of technology and help, it is still proven mostly true. Calculus was also developed by Newton and people who learned it were helped out by it and it made certain things easier to figure out for people. He made certain that the church and government/school stayed separate because he knew that was not the right way to properly try someone for a crime or to educate someone.