Writing with Technologies

Why use pen and paper when we can use technology?

Writing music for Kids. Light, cheerful thinking music.

Supporting Writing Organization, Planning, and Reflection on Writing through Visualization Tools

Visually Organizing Ideas with Concept Maps(Brainstorming). Concept Maps allow students to generate ideas, arrange existing ideas into clusters and students can elaborate maps to become more functional aiding the writing process. Wordle can also aid the students by creating word maps.

Technology Can Support Creative Writing and Publishing

Students can use blogs to provide experience beyond the classroom, may appeal to different learning styles, enhance expertise, and motivation

Technology also provides different ways to support writing such as poetry forge.

Why Support Collaborative Writing with Technology

Students can work with each other through through different methods and at different workstations. Students can use:

Document Sharing tools such as Google Docs

virtual experiments using Telegarden

Students can work with different schools

A writing project can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

You can also Support Peer Feedback on Writing

SWoRD is a valuable tool available to students that allows the students provide unbais feedback using technology. SwoRD gives the teacher valuable time back and also provides valuable feedback to students.

Guaranteed to be creative, innovative, meaningful, and interesting

Frequently Asked Questions?

What type of writings do your students struggle with? How can you increase the use of meaningful writing activities in cross-disciplinary projects, How can writing help with these cross-disciplinary writing task?