Wanted: Talented Graphic Designer!

Startup seeks graphic designer to help with product design and logo creation

We are a small startup company entering the supplementation market. Our product is a novel anti-oxident delivery system that DRASTICALLY reduces the effects and duration of a hangover from excessive drinking.

We are looking for a creative and talented graphic designer who will help us create our product design, brand imaging and logo. Our ideal candidate would have a fair amount of website design experience as well as be a master in photoshop, illustrator and various other tools of the trade. Our ideal candidate should also have an entrepreneurial mindset and be extremely self-motivated. The ability to consistently communicate clearly is also of paramount importance.

The potential for growth in this position is incredibly strong. If we like what you do, and the company does well, then this job could turn into a full-time position as Creative Director or Lead Designer for the company.

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact us at:

Phone - 408.508.2435

email - elatlasov@ucdavis.edu