CSA Lincoln 6th Grade

Week of November 16

What's New

Medieval Carnival

-The Medieval Carnival is Friday, November 20! That is only a few days away!! It will be from 5-7 p.m. in the CSA Lincoln gymnasium. There will be concessions and fun games available! If you are willing to donate time or items we need for the Carnival, you will earn money to go towards your child's trip to Chicago. The list of items needed is on the bottom of the newsletter (with a Google Doc link) to sign up for needed items. Thank you so much for your support of this project!

- Chicago fundraiser- A BIG thank you to Popportunity, a local, Columbus based business for teaming up with us on this fundraiser. Order forms are coming home with various sizes and flavors of delicious popcorn to order. Have your child collect orders now through Friday, December 4 so that orders can be returned in time for the holidays. Flavors include: cheddar, caramel, chaos (mix of cheddar and caramel) and an exciting addition for our fundraiser, a huskie mix featuring cherry, black cherry and white chocolate! YUM!!!

-Homework packets went home on Friday. Packets are due on this coming Friday. The material in the packet is taken from what we will be covering throughout the week. The cover page is to show what we will be working on during our E/LA block.

-We will be checking math homework on a daily basis, the day after the material is covered. We will be covering lesson 4.7 on Monday, 4.8 on Tuesday, 4.9 on Wednesday, 4.11 on Thursday. Looking ahead- Unit 4 test is Thursday, December 3.

-In math we will be covering multiplying mixed numbers, fractions/decimals/percents and percents of numbers.

- In E/LA stations, we will be working on summary, sequence and prefixes/suffixes.

In our PODS, we will be working on vocabulary, the scientific method (in preparation for a PBL project focussing on busting science-related myths), helping verbs, preventing injuries and responding to reading.

PBL Projects

-Zero Heroes: The 5th and 6th grade project managers have been working hard coming up with ways to measure and give classrooms feedback on their recycling efforts, including a "recycle-gram" modeled after the huskygrams. Volunteers have been collecting paper on Thursdays from all the classrooms.

-Medieval Carnival: The Medieval Carnival is FRIDAY!!!!

-Coming soon: One of our PODs this week is learning about the scientific method. Coming soon, students will be working in teams to research a science-related myth and design experiments and collect data to prove if a myth is a myth, plausible or BUSTED!

Other News

- We need pencils!!! Please check with your child about their pencil supply.

-Please send in a cheap pair of headphones for your child! It is very important that they have these, as our spelling tests and many of our station/pod activities require them!

- Students in both classes have the opportunity to earn credit on their comprehension test from last week by making corrections and turning it back in. These are due by Thursday, 11/19.

-Please be sure to send back report card envelopes! We are still missing some! Please contact us if they are lost or stolen (ha ha).

- Thursday- spelling test

- Friday- Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary tests. Vocabulary words are on the bottom of the homework packet cover sheet.

Weekly Assignment Checklist

Due Friday due to Thanksgiving break! Click here

Needs for Medieval Carnival

Google Doc link to sign up, click here (scroll to the right for volunteer needs)

●Bowling Pin

● Paint

● Tape

● Markers

● Poster Board

  • Candy

  • few loaves of Bread

  • maps

  • plastic food FAKE FOOD

  • Barrel

  • Apples

  • Carrots

  • Pears

  • Stickers

  • Balloons

  • Inflatable swords

  • water

  • Grapes

  • potato masher

  • a pot

  • grape juice

  • cups

  • gloves

  • Fruit snacks

  • Pretzels

  • Apple

  • Chips: barbecue, potato, sour cream and onion

  • Drinks;apple, orange, water

  • Grapes

  • plushies

  • slime

  • candy

  • Tiaras / crowns

  • Plastic Bracelets

  • rubber band bracelets

  • necklaces

  • small cool toys

  • Soup/stews

  • chili

  • cookies

  • plates/napkins/cups

  • canned/bottled beverages

Your 6th Grade Team

Always feel free to contact us with questions or concerns!

Leslie Albright and Heather Pickup

albrightl@bcsc.k12.in.us, pickuph@bcsc.k12.in.us