You're Invited!

You're Invited To Brian's I Survived Christmas Party!

What happened & what are we doing?

We are doing a I survived Christmas party for Brian because Brian was stuck in the wild for several months when his pilot died and they crashed well Brian did. He got stuck and had to survive long nights. He was very scarred up and soar. He found food and made a shelter. He lost his hatchet in the sea while trying to fix the plane and found a emergency translator and used it to get help soon a plane came and they went to his dads house shortly after. Now we are celebrating by sleeping outside by the camp fire and eating s'mores and beef.

I survived

Sunday, Dec. 21st, 7:45pm


Come bring tents, heaters, blankets, pillows & smores we will be sleeping outside
First we will go hiking

Second we will be going swimming {Bring a swim suit}

third we will eat

Forth we will play games

Last we will eat & go to bed

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