BIS Newsletter - Week 3 Term 3 2022

Thursday 11th August, 2022


Kia ora e te whanau,

In a week that has been about showcasing our school to prospective students and parents there have been many highs that can be celebrated. The work on display around classrooms was to a very high standard. The students who talked to parents spoke confidently and with enthusiasm about our school. The teachers shared their passion for education and the rooms looked inviting.

It was extra special to have our refurbished block of classrooms open and to have the new furniture on display and being used for learning. Our hall is also complete and the new bi-fold doors are a wonderful addition.

All of these things may only be the buildings but they say a lot about us. Places that are tidy, well cared for and well resourced send a message that the space is valued and respected. This is the message we want to share but more importantly, we want our students to live our vision of showing care for their environment.

However, recently we have had an unusual amount of graffiti around the school. This ranges from small pencil drawings on furniture and desks to colourful permanent markers being used to do large tags on walls. The school bathrooms have also been left in a terrible state and we have been disappointed that the boys' toilets are often covered in urine from walls to the floors.

We are sure that this is only a very small percentage of students who are engaging in this type of vandalism but it affects all of our students. I raise this subject today because we will be ensuring that those who are responsible for the mess will also be responsible for the clean up. Our goal is for students to choose NOT to vandalise any property. However, if there are students who are drawing, painting or messing up part of our environment we will be contacting parents and asking you to supervise your child when they clean up their graffiti outside of school hours.

Attending school in a place that is clean and tidy should be the right of every student. I am sure that with the support of the whole community we will be able to dissuade those who choose to leave their mark to use their time better to create something that will not be washed off or painted over.

We are hoping to create a better environment by planting more trees around our school. Our goals are to create spaces of edible plants as well as places with native flora. If you have expertise, time to help plant or seedlings you would like to donate, we would love to have you get involved.

In week 5 we will be planting native plants at school. We will keep you updated on our plans.

JoAnne Sutton

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Some upcoming events

It is great to be back to participating in events at school, across Auckland and even out of Auckland this term. This week we attended the zone days for Futsal and Cross Country. Next week is the boys and girls basketball days. Our school science fair will also be underway next week in preparation for the North Harbour Science Fair later in the year.

In week 5, our team of 35 sports stars will be heading down to Totara Springs for a week of competition at Sports Camp. This is always an amazing week of playing a variety of saport, learning some new sports, making friends and enjoying the atmosphere of camping. We wish them all the best of luck but mostly we hope they have loads of fun and make us proud. Huge thanks to Whaea Rachel and Whaea Alicia for getting our teams prepared for this tournament.

School Production

This year we are producing our own school performance based on the Dr Suess story of Yertle the Turtle. Auditions have taken place and rehearsals have started.

Mrs Dooley will be running production rehearsals most afternoons.

The performance dates will be in week 10 of the term.

To help us with costuming, we are looking for long sleeved turtle-neck tops and leggings. We will need a variety of sizes, colours and patterns. If you can supply any of these, we would be most grateful.

Gardening Projects

We have been working on building a kitchen garden that will supply us with fresh produce for our school cooking classes. The ground is now ready for us to start planting herbs, vegetables and companion plants.

Do you have seedlings that you can donate? The best day to bring in plants is Wednesday as this is a gardening day.

Week 5 will be a Whanau Week

Due to the sports camp and some staff being away all week, we have decided that week 5 will be a whanau week. Students will be in their home room for the week and will work with their whanau teacher. Subject teachers will supply lessons for all curriculum areas. There will also be some gardening projects and a production intensive that week.

2023 Enrolments

We had a very successful open evening on Wednesday 10 August. Our students made us proud and showcased the best that our school has on offer.

Enrolments for 2023 are now open and can be done online or on hard copy. If you need to enrol a student for next year, please look on our website or call the office for a prospectus.

Cross Country

Huge congratulations to all students who competed in the cross country race last Friday. It was muddy, a little wet underfoot, hilly, slippery, long and loads of fun for those who gave it a go.

Huge thanks to Whaea Rachel for organising this event and for Whaea Kat and the parent helpers who took our students to the interschool zone cross country event.

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Hard Technology

Check out the phone holders some of our talented students have made!

Hospice needs your help!

Mums, dads, grandparents, carers, aunties, uncles… your local Hospice shops have been hit hard by Covid-19 and we really need your help. Come and volunteer with us! Just one three-hour shift per week will make such a difference to us. Flexible weekly shifts are available to fit in around your lifestyle, and our volunteers have so much fun and really enjoy the company of the other volunteers and shoppers. Come on your own or bring a friend and help Hospice care for your community. Call into your local shop and talk to the manager or contact your local Hospice.
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