Hertzog Headlines

recent happenings in 4th grade


Last week in reading and writing we discussed the workshop model for our learning. We talked about the three components and what the teacher and students should be doing during each part. We all had a good laugh discovering composing time is not Mrs. Hertzog's coffee break. We brainstormed writing ideas and discussed how we can (and should be) thinkers while we are reading. Reading is Thinking!


We began our unit on place value last week. We took a pretest and discovered we have a lot to learn (which is good news!). We practiced reading and writing numbers up to the millions place. We should be able to write numbers three different ways: standard form, written (word) form and expanded form. We worked on knowing digits, their value and their place within a number. Some of us are still working on these skills.

Social Studies

Last week we learned about where we are in the world. We practiced MANY times our bulls eye of where we live. Say it with me, "Our city is Lee's Summit. Our state is Missouri. Our country is the United States, and our continent is North America." We took a quiz and fourth graders should be receiving an email soon detailing how they did.

As a class, we are still working on getting in the routine of school. It is important to be helpful and do our best every day at school. It is sometimes hard, but we must remember not to be hurtful or disruptive.

A Note From the Office

This year, the office will be using a mail service called MailChimp to send out communication to families regarding important PVE news, dates, and upcoming events including the weekly Thursday Packet. If you are not receiving the Thursday Packet, please go to the following link (found in the bottom right corner of the PVE website at http://pve.lsr7.org/) to subscribe to the PVE Electronic Newsletter - http://pve.lsr7.org/prairie-view-elementary-electronic-newsletter/. After you subscribe, please be sure to check your spam (junk, promotional, etc) folder for any emails from Prairie View Elementary and/or Amy Fennewald and add these address to your address book. This will prevent the emails from going to spam in the future. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Fennewald at amy.fennewald@lsr7.net or 986-2280. Thank you!

Dates to Remember...

NO School - Monday September 7th

PTA Member Meeting - September 8 @ 7:00. There are many ways you can help to support students at PVE through the PTA. Please consider giving your time and being an active part of PTA.

Papa John's Night - September 23rd

PVE PTA Sock Hop - September 25. More information to come!

Melissa Hertzog

Hope to see all parents at our Curriculum Night, this Tuesday, September 1st at 6:30 pm in our classroom.