The Weekly Scoop

January 4, 2016


School News

There is not much going on at school this week. We all need to get back in the routine. It will be cold at least in the beginning of the week, and we will go out each day for recess. So, please make sure your child dresses appropriately and has a coat, a hat, and gloves.

Subject by Subject

In language arts this week, we will continue to work on our reports. These will take a while for everyone to complete. We are also working in our Benchmark Literacy program. This involves small groups for reading at different levels. We will have a mini-lesson, then we will work in rotations each day of the week.

In math we are finishing up Topic 8, which covers long division. We are also beginning to build our background with fractions during homeroom.

In science we will begin SOL 4.7 which is Earth Patterns, Cycles & Changes: Solar System. We will begin to go over the study guide and then will do some class activities.

In social studies we are working on VS5, which is the American Revolution. The focus is on Virginia history, but I will provide an overview for the class as well as the key leaders and events that involved Virginia.

The following students have at least 9 AR points: Jackson, Travis, Davis, Graham, Ruby, Kimoni, Alec, and Milind. Congratulations! Next week I will publish the names of students with at least 10 AR points.