Jerry Norman Uelsmann

a biography made by Samantha Henry

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His Personal Life and Childhood

Jerry Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan to a grocery store clerk on June 11, 1934. As a student, he was never very academically interested and veered away from his studies and school altogether. That is, until he entered high school, when he took an interest in photography. To start off, he began taking photographs at weddings and got a job as a photo assistant for a commercial studio. A little later, starting in the late 1950's, he began assembling his photos from multiple negatives which would later become his 'style' of photography.

Education and Inspiration

Jerry Uelsmann, after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with his B.F.A., received his M.F.A. degree at Indiana University, during which he was introduced to surrealists such as René Magritte, Max Ernst, and Man Ray and immediately fell in love. During his time at IU, Uelsmann was greatly influenced by his professor, Henry Smith Holmes who was
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Inside His Career

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Awards, Recognitions, and Accomplishments

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Jerry Uelsmann Today

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-married to Taylor (3rd wife)

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