Team Results for SEPTEMBER 2012

Look at what YOU did! You all are blowin' my mind!!

Total Team Sales $18,224

Those who made it happen: Highest Sales

10 - Tina Batey $348

9 - Danna Butterfield $485

8 - Rebecca Krikpatrick $779

7 - Lindy Turnbull $801

6 - Robin Plott $1,156

5 - Kristin Mello $1,258

4 - Allison Inman $1,928

TOP 3 in Sales

Big Welcome to Our New Stylists!

Sally Essig

Allie Duke

Amanda Swenson

Top in Sponsorship


Make sure to order your new holiday samples before October 15th at midnight for 50% off! Add the new mini holiday look book and mailer envelope to your order and send those out to a few prospective hostesses and stylists. See what happens!

Don't forget the customer specials at your trunk shows! The golden gem collection...print off the pdf on the stylist lounge and pop one in each look book for your guests to see! Offer it to EVERY single guest at checkout and bump up your sales!

Best news of all....we are all in our Jumpstart!!! What does that mean? If you hold only 2 TS this month, you will get $150 in free product from HO! If you go on to sponsor someone and she holds 2 TS (in her jumpstart - 60days), you will get $300 in product from HO!! If you hold 4 TS, sponsor 1 stylist (she holds 2 TS in her jumpstart) you get $400 in free product and that gorgeous bracelet!!!! That's a total of $1,000 in free product! Can you imagine having that to spend on spring line??? Plus if you sponsor her before Oct 15th, you get that other $100 for the sponsoring special!!!! HECK YA....sign me up baby!!!!

And who wants a Stella & Dot iPad engraved with your name and info and S&D logo....oh yea, it will have a credit card swiper, built in app designed just for us by Apple, playlists from Hoopla and trainings, special features for us only!!! How do you get it? Sell $12k and sponsor/qualify 2 new stylists from Oct 1 - Dec 31st! This is VERY doable! IF you are interested in working towards this, let me know and we will chart your goal together!!!

Check out our new website platform! HO is really working hard to improve all of the navigating features and I love it. The trunk show screen is super easy and more editable for our hostesses!


Be sure to book a few trunk shows with friends / family who want to help our efforts raising money for Noreen Fraser Foundation!
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What would you do for the Snake Print Mercer Wallet?

Hit 1,000PCV by October 20th and sponsor 1 stylist by the end of the month and the wallet is yours from me!!!! Good Luck!!!

As always, contact me if you guys need anything at all!

Deepest Sympathy from of Our Team

Last week one of our beloved stylists, Allison Inman, lost her sister-in-law, Heather, after an extended heart problem. Allison, we are all extremely sorry for your loss and pray for healing and comfort in the days to come. As you know, your family is very special to me and I pray God's peace for you all; especially, Craig! xoxoxo