Pride and Prejudice

Broken down by Jordan Webster

Elizabeth Bennet Character Analyzation

Jordan Webster

English IV 5

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Everyone knows that the opening sentence of this book is one of the most important sentences in all of literature "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife (Austen 1). Obviously this is irony to anyone that has read Pride and Prejudice, for example Elizabeth trying to get into some kind of engagement with rich Mr.Darcy supports all of the traditions its supposed to for a woman of her time. But at the same time Elizabeth has independent actions that are defiant towards Mr.Darcy's hasty representation of himself. This shows that Jane Austen is not some straight forward simple girl with basic social intentions, she believes that a social class should not determine the love you have for someone. She also believes that social classes have blinded people in this day and age towards what could be their true love.

Elizabeth views herself as a half independent damsel that is challenged with finding her absolute true love without regard from the social class she was born into. Others view her as a bit of a picky nuisance towards her basic destiny, which is more likely to become destiny to her sisters than her. In the beginning, Elizabeth pre judges her potential love through the discreet slyness of Mr.Wickham. Then on she came to find out some of the uttered truth about her already exposed admirer in Mr.Darcy. Then falls deeply in love with him.


Mr. Darcy's relationship with Elizabeth Bennet

Every move you make critiques my every move

No one makes me feel quite like the way you do

This is not apparent to me at first

My retrieving you in your social class would condone thirst

So my pride has blinded me and now I see

You are everything that I seek

From your false assumptions to my prideful regret

This love has become the best thing yet

Love for you is what I endeavor

One word from you will silence me forever (Austen ch.58)


Elizabeth Bennet's relationship with Mr.Darcy

Your mask deceives you

Something thoroughly different than how I see you

As I regret my cover judging of this beautiful book

I open the cover just to take a look

Now its beauty that i see

And its all thanks to you Mr.Darcy

Your previous actions confuse me

But in the end they do nothing but seduce me

So forget about what I said before

And love me forever more.

Pride and Prejudice Evaluation

Jordan Webster

English IV 5

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice book review

Pride and Prejudice is a story of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters Jane, Lydia, Kitty, and Mary being harassed by their anxious mother because she wants all of her daughters married into great wealth. One day two men named Mr. Bingley and Mr.Darcy enter the town. Mrs. Bingley wanted her daughter Jane desperately to marry Mr.Bingley because he was a wealthy man with a decent life to marry into. So Jane got all prettied up to see Mr. Bingley at a ball, during the same night Elizabeth tried to accompany Mr.Darcy. But Mr. Darcy wants none of Elizabeths company because she was not birthed well enough to accompany him, his pride has blinded him.

Soon after this occasion a couple other fellows come into town to try and engage with the Bennet girls, one of them was a timid preacher man named Mr.Collins, with him was a man by the name of Mr. Wickham, a scheming man. Mr. Wickham tells Elizabeth that he does not like Mr.Darcy because of a previous encounter involving a huge amount of cash Mr.Darcy owes him. Meanwhile, Jane Bennet is off her rocker because Mr.Bingley has up and left town with no trace. Then one day, Elizabeth runs into Mr.Darcy and finds out that he was the one that convinced Mr. Bingley not to marry Jane. Then Mr. Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth, but she declines his offer because of the actions he showed towards her sisters potential happiness. Then Mr.Darcy sends Elizabeth a letter saying that his problem with Mr.Wickham is because he tried to marry his sister with intentions that he was going to get a cut out of her inheritance of 30,000 pounds, as soon as he found out he would not, he went ghost. Mr.Darcy also told Mr.Bingley to drop Jane because he thought that she was not into him.

Later Elizabeth finds out Mr.Wickham has seduced her baby sister lydia and she has ran away with him. Mr.Wickham's actions destroyed Lydias reputation, he says that he will marry her if the Bennets pay him for the burden. Surprise to Elizabeth, Mr.Darcy comes to the rescue and pays Mr.Wickham to marry Lydia. Now Mr. Darcys actions make Elizabeth love him. Meanwhile Mr.Bingley confesses that he was a fool and that he would be honored to marry Jane. Mr. Darcy then asked Elizabeth to marry him. Happy ending.

There are a few morale values to this story, one of them being the fact that being prejudice is a trait in everyone, if you overcome that trait your blindfold may be removed. This book should be read because it is a beautiful representation of romance and truth in reality. The book should be read by high schoolers because they are the most naive when it comes to pride and the act of being prejudice.