A Recap and an Update!

Teacher Resources

Breaking News: Student Blog & Help Desk Launched!

Check out our blog that just launched today! On this blog, Attea and Springman students can share their best practices, favorite stories about using their iPad for learning, and create tutorials to help other students out. We are even piloting a Student Help Desk, which can be found linked on this blog as well. Our Student Tech Squad will receive the electronic ticket and help students troubleshoot any technology difficulties they are having. Our goals for this blog:

  • Reinforce/provide outlet for CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6 Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others. This blog brings down the barriers between schools and allows us to collaborate/share across the district.
  • Provide a venue for students to take ownership of the 1:1 resource allocation (student generated tutorials, tips, and sharing of learning)
  • Provide a venue to allow parents an opportunity to see how students are utilizing the device in the classroom.

A Mindset for Viewing Our App List:

The Structure:

  • iPad as a Utility: PowerSchool, Calculator, Quick Voice Pro, QR Reader
  • iPad as a Productivity/Organization Tool: Evernote, Wunderlist, 30/30, Reminders, Calendar
  • iPad as a Workflow Tool: Notability, Google Drive, Schoology all sync together

Accessing Content:

  • iPad as an Information Consumption Tool: Safari, BrainPop, Earth Viewer, Eduview, Follett Digital Reader, Google Earth, Khan Academy, Science 360, TED, Subtext

Content Processing:

  • iPad as a Brainstorming/Mind Mapping Tool: Popplet, iCardSort, Flashcardlet, Brainscape

Organizing Content/Resources:

  • iPad as a Curation Tool (Organizing Content): Diigo, Evernote

Checking and Clarifying Understanding:

  • iPad as a Formative and Summative Assessment Tool: Ask 3, Socrative, Sign+, Schoology (any app in the next section could also be utilized in this category as well)

Demonstration of Understanding/Reflection:

  • iPad as a Word Processing/Presentation Tool : Google Drive, Notability, Keynote
  • iPad as a Creation/Product Tool: Educreations, Doceri, Book Creator, Tellagami
  • iPad as a Media Editing Tool: iMovie, Ubersense, GarageBand, iMotion HD, Video FX Live, Aviary, Skitch
  • iPad as an Illustration Tool: Brushes, Doodle Buddy, Sumo Paint, Animation Desk Lite, Hopscotch

Sharing Understanding:

    • iPad as a Collaboration Tool: Subtext, Schoology, Google Drive, Ask3
    • iPad as a Global Sharing Tool: Portfolios created with Google Sites on the iPad, Kidblog

*Of course, any app can be repurposed :)

View our complete app list here!

The iSucceed Program

This link walks students through a 2 week x-block course to familiarize them with the school handbook and District Middle School Expectations. It also teaches them how to personalize their learning through device setup, copyright and fair use, app tutorials via creation and Internet safety and digital citizenship. Students will work through a series of missions to develop a knowledge of these topics while also becoming more adept at using the iPad as a learning and workflow tool.

We will be revisiting and revising this program in January, but here's a look at what we did this fall! The website was accompanied by teacher lesson plans.

Teacher Prep: iTunes University on Your iPad

Looking for training on how to use the iPad apps?

Check out this comprehensive course created by your very own tech facilitators.

Over the summer, Helene (Attea) and Candace worked to create an iTunes University course focused on how to use the iPads as a teaching tool in our classrooms. This iTunes University course covers the following information:

  1. iPad 101 (extension of the optional summer PD)
  2. Video and document tutorials on how to use many of the core apps
  3. A troubleshooting guide
  4. Instructional information on using iPads with students
  5. iPad 201 (from summer PD)

How to gain Download an iTunes University Course:

1. Download the iTunes App to your iPad

(If you would like directions on how to do this, please scroll down to the "Downloading iTunes" heading)

2. Open up the iTunes U app

3. Tap on the Catalog button in the upper left hand corner

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Catalog screen

5. Tap on the Enroll button on the bottom right hand side:

iPad Teacher Reference Guide- Expanded Edition: This is the expanded version of the Teacher iPad QuickStart Guide

Enroll Code: FTZ-QW3-6H4

6. Enter in the following code to gain access to the iTunes U course

7. Tap Library in the upper left hand corner

8. Find and tap on the "iPad Teacher Reference Guide"

9. You now have access to all the training materials in this course!

10. Do the same for the iTunes University Work Flow Course:

Enroll Code: EPK-KJ6-5ZC. This course contains info on what is Schoology, how teachers use Schoology and how students use Schoology.