5 Date Ideas In Michigan

By Kristina Schulze

Coffee Shops

Michigan has a lot of really nice coffee shops that are perfect to go on dates. The one on the right is called The Coffee House, located in Muskegon.


Bowling is a really classic date and really fun. There's bowling alleys all over Michigan so it won't be hard to find one, and they're also really cheap and affordable.
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Michigan's Adventure

This amusement park has tons of roller coasters, and an incredibly large waterpark. It's cheaper than other amusement parks, only $25.


Michigan has tons of museums and not a lot of them are very expensive and very interesting and a few have hands on things you can try.

Watch the Sunset

Grand Haven is a great place to watch the sunset and then get something to eat afterward, there's a beautiful pier to walk out on to see the sunset.
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