Somali But Not From Somalia

Aisha Lee

Who is A-I-S-H-A L-E-E

She exited the birth canal in Naples Italy on March 14 1997. She was the third muslim child created by Nafisa and Cecil Lee. Her two parents had wed seven years prior on October 28. However sadly, Aisha doesn't remember this experience. She claims her first memory is of her mother taking her to a stranger's home and procuring her a basket. It probably easter.

Ella encanta la comida mexicana

Aisha's favorite food is mexican food and she enjoys eating taco's and burrito's. Of course without pork in them
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Person- Her mother, she said reluctantly. The Devil

Color- Bright Colors and Burgandy( this is obviously not a bright color, contradiction)

Accomplishment- Being in plays in the theatre group

Best Memory- Disneyland

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Aisha is unable to speak much Somali, but she can say a few phrases. In the next 10 years her two main ambitions are to be Rich and Successful. Maybe she could even share some of her wealth with her best friends Amina and Shira. She could see herself in the future with a nose ring, a henna tattoo, or pierced ears. If she could do anything for a day she would love to be able to live her life, be blue Ivy, or travel.