Scottsboro Trials

By: Toby Chapeau and Tanner Carson

What it Was

In 1931, a freight train was reported to have had a fight between white youth and black youth. When the train was stopped, shortly out of Scottsboro, Alabama, 9 black youth were found with 2 teenage white woman. The black men were arrested and put on trial for rape (The Scottsboro Boys).

The First Trial

The trials were 12 days after the arrest. The community was outraged that the black men had raped white women, and believed they should be punished severely (The Scottsboro Boys). Within a day, the black men were found guilty and sentenced to death (The Scottsboro Boys Youtube).
The Scottsboro Boys

Final Outcome

The Scottsboro boys were in and out of prison, going on multiple trials, from 1931- about 1950. 4 of them had been released around 1938 while the other five would be pursued for more than 10 years after. Some tried to escape, one did and settled in Michigan, others were caught and sent back to prison. The last of the boys were finally paroled for the second time in 1950 (The Scottsboro Boys).