The Big Five

Kimberly Aguirre


Sources & Foods Linked:

Passes from a previous infected person (80% of time) or in foods such as salads, raw vegetables, milk/dairy, and poultry (20% of time).

Preventions: Always wash hands, when changing diapers dispose of them carefully, maintain proper levels of chlorine in pool, practice food safety, when traveling drink only bottled water.

Salmonella Typhi

Sources & Links: Lives only in humans, Typhoid Fever

Preventions: Get Vaccinated, Avoid risky foods

Enterohemorrhagic and shiga toxin-producing E. coli

Sources & Links- Live in intestines of animals, In contaminated meat, milk/dairy, sprouts, lettuce, and contaminated water.

Prevention: Wash hands, Cook thoroughly, Avoid raw milk, Avoid swallowing water in lakes, pools, etc, and prevent cross contamination.

Hepatitis A

Source & Links: Liver, Poor sanitation, contaminated water.

Prevention: Improve sanitation, food safety, and immunizations.

Norovirus (Food Poisoning)

Source & Links: Infected persons, Food contamination, and water.

Prevention: Wash your hands, wash fruits and veggies, Cook foods higher than 140 degrees.