Aspects Of Religion

By Alysha Nicosia


What Are Symbols?

A symbol is a picture of an object or a sign that may represent something according to a particular religion.


What are Beliefs?

Beliefs are when someone feels that they should follow a particular way in life as an individual.

An example of a Belief from Catholicism and Judaism is:

Catholics strongly believe in the Trinity Whilst Jews mainly believe in God the creator.

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Sacred Texts

What Are Sacred Texts?

Sacred Texts are things written down that are important to that religion. For example the Bible.

Myths And Stories

What Are Myths and Stories?

Myths and Stories are important things that have been written down that may or may not be true.


What Are Rituals?

Rituals are religious ceremony's that take place in a place of Worship.

Social Structures

What are Social Structures?

Social Structures are the people, places and times in the organization of church.


What Are Ethics?

Ethics are the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular group of human actions.

Religious Experience and Spirituality

What is A Religious Experience and Spirituality?

A religious Experience is something that an individual can take part in or have an encounter or union with the divine.