Energy Sources

By: Bianca & Lauren

Solar Energy

  • It's clean and quiet.
  • It's available anywhere the sun shines.
  • It's free energy floating around.
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Wind Harvesting

  • Takes up little ground space even though there tall.
  • They alter the landscape.
  • Wind turbines produces no waste.
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  • Water flow can be regulated.
  • Dams are expensive to make.
  • The water used can be recycled.
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Geothermal Energy

  • It's quite clean.
  • It takes outside fuels.
  • Very expensive.
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  • Can turn existing waste into energy.
  • Lots of fresh water needed.
  • Transporting biofuels is expensive.
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Nuclear Energy

  • 1/5th of nuclear electricity is made in the U.S
  • There are 65 power plants in the U.S
  • Nuclear energy us the energy in a atoms nucleus.
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