Stellar Dots team call tonight!

Join us at 7:05 for a team call on Booking strong for fall!

Join me tonight at 7::05 pm for a all team Booking call and Q&A. Call is number is 605-475-4700 (access code 982938#)

Topics for tonight's call:

-Simple EVERYDAY steps to increase your trunk shows over fall

-3 steps to booking in tight

-words to say when booking

-how to build your customer base

-How to overcome objections (I'm too busy, My house is too small, I don't wear Jewelry)

-How to stay motivated during the busy holiday season!

Don't miss out on your chance to win $500 cash! Gift cards and more for booking your fall!

One new Category added for those that book 6 trunk shows Oct-Dec 2015!

For our very party time or seasonal Stylists, we decided to add one more category to our Holiday Booking incentive for those that book 6 shows Oct-DEC! (just 2 shows a month!)

-Book 6 shows Oct-DEC 2015 and be entered to win $300 in product or a $50 Nordstrom gift card! All Stylists that book at least 6 shows with Q4 sales of $5000 will be entered to win two prizes!

-Book 12 or more shows Oct-Dec and be entered to win $500 cash! $150 Nordstrom Gift card or $50 Sephora card!

-All Stylists over $15,000 in sales in Q4 will receive an extra entry to win!

(prizes will be given first week of January. For those that book 12 shows, You must have a minimum of $10,000 in sales over the three month period, and 12 shows with at least $500 per show to qualify.)

Don't forget our Webinar Tues night!

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Welcome to the best Selling months of the year! It's time for Holiday shopping!

Are you excited for our best selling season of the year! Over 40% of our business comes from the Holiday season OCt-Dec! It is the best time of the year to book shows, and to book fundraisers to Support NFF in OCT, which funds cancer research in women! It's time to set up pop up shops in stores or offer to assist your corporate clients with gift cards for their employees for the Holidays, followed by a trunk show at lunch to help them shop for their Holiday gifts! It's time to make a list of past customers, past hosts, your dream hostess and get to work! It's time to host your own show to help those that can't host swing buy and shop. You might even want to open your home for a few hours every Friday in Nov for those that are holiday shopping and use that time for your office hours to book and build your team. It's time to build your team and invite a few friends to work with you over the Holidays! You don't NEED an incentive to help you book your shows, but why not fill our Holiday season together and celebrate our pipeline growing each day as a team! Your Star Stylists and I are excited to offer you three prizes that you can win by simply booking out your Holiday season with 12 or more shows. Let's make it fun and give away $500 Cash and a few gift cards while we book our season together as a team! You in? Where do you begin?

If you are a part time Stylist, or a new Stylist, jump in and take advantage of the best retail and shopping season of the year and line up your shows! First decide how much do you want to earn this season? What is your goal and how will you spend that money? Will it be Holiday gifts or a trip for your family? Something for yourself? On average Stylists typically sell $1000 per show which brings in $250 commission for Styling women, and helping them shop for the Holidays! We have a dream job! If you booked one show a week from Oct-Dec, that would give you about 12 trunk shows with an average of $12,000 in sales and $3000 in commission! We all know some shows are small and some cancel or reschedule, but if you take advantage of higher sales at trunk shows over the holidays, you could earn $3000 from your sales without even counting your online shows, coaching commissions for those that build teams, and promotion bonuses! Most of our team promotions happen when sales are high in OCT and Nov, so this just might be the time for you to set a big goal and go for it! If you have a goal of promoting Oct-Dec, let's talk so I can support you, offer you tips and cheer you along!

Start by filling our your who do you know list, listen to a call on booking, watch a favorite video in the lounge to pump you up and get to work. You can book in person, by text, by facebook, by email or by picking up your phone and offering your VIP clients your best dates of the season, as your calendar will be booked up soon! Push your fear aside, expect some "no thank you's " and just keep booking. Expect to contact 20 to book 2, and know that the more you reach out and offer a personal style session or Cancer Fundraiser, the more you will book! There is no secret in booking and there are no magic powers needed to have 12 shows booked. You simply have to decide you want it, and then decide you will do it! You don't give up with roadblocks or a few no's, you simply decide the time spent booking will give you the best season yet, and you do it! Don't over think it, don't over complicate it, just do it! :)

Set a goal of booking 12 plus show this season and you will be entered to win $500 cash, or gift cards. Earn some great prizes by simply doing your job and booking shows for the Holidays which will put more cash in your wallet this quarter. Let's celebrate and cheer each other on as we get to work and get excited about our fall collection and Holiday pieces that are going to sell like crazy over the next few months! Your Star Stylist leadership team and I are partnering up in October to offer this incentive and we are excited to give away $500 in cash! xo Shaina

(share on our facebook team page when you book each show and share that you are going for the cash! Let' s cheer each other on and support each other as we all try to book our 12 shows together and have our best Holiday season!)

Training calls recorded below as a refresher on booking this season!

Click each Title below after you are logged into our Stylist lounge and listen to each call. The more time you put into training and learning new skills the easier it will be to reach your goals!

Don't forget to RSVP below for our OCT 7th Downtown Danville Meeting!

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