Once a Griffin, Always a Griffin!



G reet everyone with respect.

R espond to adversity with GRIT!

I mmerse themselves in learning.

F ocus on being calm and cool!

F ollow their shot to the trash can!

I Pads are used as educational tools.

N ever ever give up!

W ill be College and Career Ready.

A cknowledge positive behaviors (4:1 Challenge)

Y earn to learn beyond the bell!

Making Emotional Deposits

Take time to get to connect to all your students and colleagues. Make the emotional bid and reach out to others.

2015 Estimated Testing Times for Smarter Balanced Assessments

This table contains rough estimates of the time it will take most students to complete the Smarter Balanced assessments. This information is for scheduling purposes only, as the assessments are not timed.

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NUTRITION BREAK SUPERVISION Please be at your assigned area

Area / Teacher

Vending Machines ..............Bryan

ASB lines.................................

9th Grade Carts....................Mancero

Cafe Windows......................Valdivia

Inside Cafeteria.....................Murphy/Gallaher

N. Cafeteria Line....................Pineda

9th grade lawn.....................

Special thanks to Ms.Seiler and Mr. Cisneros for organizing the Direct TV Field trip


Monday, December 8

Anti-Bullying Week!

Counselors Master Schedule pre-planning Semester 2 (Dec 1-19th)

CPD visit w/ Del Rosario 9am- Carreon

ASB Leadership Mtg w/Garcia @ 7:25-8:00 am in rm 604

Parent English Class 9:15am- 11:15am in rm 403

Library closed per. 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Tuesday, December 9

Parent English Class 9:15am-11:15am in rm 604

Library closed per. 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Teachers start submitting grades

Wednesday, December 10

Faculty Meeting (Host Science Dept) @ 3:30pm

AR Cut-off Galleher

College Awareness Wednesday- Wear your College T-Shirt!

Parent English Class 9:15am- 11:15am in rm 403

CIS Meeting @ Dist. Moss St. 9am-12pm-Ms. Galleher

Admin. Meeting 1pm

Library closed per 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Thursday, December 11

San Diego County District Meeting all day- Carreon

AVID Site Team Meeting @ 3:30pm - Seminar Rm

Library closed per 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Step Up Assembly – Adv. 12:15-3:15pm

ELAC Meeting 8:30am Rm. 604

Friday, December 12

9th Grade panoramic picture 2:30pm @ Field – Mr. Garcia

Non-uniform for students who bought wristband

Science Dept. Calibrating & Planning

Calendar Mtg 9am @ Conf Rm

Library closed per. 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Saturday, December 13

Saturday GAP 8-12pm @ Cafeteria

Robotics class w/Adan 8-12pm @ Cafeteria


Final Exams start Dec. 15

Grades due to Registrar (Ms. Aragon) before 3:30pm

Holiday Concert Dec. 18 6:00pm @ SUHI

Minimum Day/Staff Luncheon Dec. 19


Super Science Cohort2

Weekly Tutoring


TUESDAY..................SCIENCE / ELD


THURSDAY...............ENGLISH / ELD

FRIDAY.....................ANY DEPARTMENT



Student Reflections from INIGHT and Farmers Market

What did you like best about SLCs?

· iMovie – making and showing the movie to parents

· Taking pictures of people for my iMovie

· Non-uniform reward

· “I liked that I could show my progress to my parents and see that they are happy with my achievements and my grades.”

· “I liked the fact that parents can give feedback and encourage students during the conference the most.”

· “Something I liked best from the slc was that my advisory teacher introduced herself to each of her students’ parents.”

· “What I liked most SLC 's was presenting my iMovie and my mom writing me a letter back, I liked it because I felt more comfortable talking to my mom only and every time I'm stressed or sad I can just read the letter that my mom came.”

· “What I liked about the SLC was that I had time alone with my mom to talk to her about how I’m doing in school.”

· “What I like about best about the SLCs is that it gives you time to actually talk about your education with your parents.”

· “What I liked about SLCs is that you and your parent actually communicate and talk to each other because me and my dad barley talk to each other but we actually talked during the SLCs”

· “What I liked best about SLC is getting to be the leader.”

2. If you were in charge, how would you improve SLCs to make SLCs more meaningful for you and your parents?

· Several students indicated that they would have liked to see the teachers more involved in SLCs

· Have the parents be more involved

· Allow two days for SLCs to give more opportunity for students and parents to attend

· Show the iMovie as a group presentation and then allow the parents to ask questions about the movie

· Go to every class to allow parents to talk to teachers about grades and student progress

· I would change to do a movie instead of a trailer to be able to put much more work and assignments that we did this semester

· “If I were in charge, I would improve SLCs … by discussing my grades also.”

· Make the Farmer’s Market bigger (several students suggested this!).

3. If you were not able to attend SLCs, what prevented you from attending?

` Family problems

· Mom / Dad had to work

· Rain

· Parents were too busy / tired

· I was too lazy

4. This year Granger was able to have a Farmer’s Market as part of SLCs. What did you think of the Farmer’s Market?

- More boba!

· Free food!

· “I thought that the farmers market was good because there [were] healthy foods and it taught people to make healthy choices.”

· Several students mentioned the chicken as their favorite part of the market!

· “I imagined that [the farmers market] would have been bigger.”

· “The Farmer’s Market was fun. I liked tasting new foods and learning how to make a spring roll.”

· “I thought the Farmers Market was a neat idea because I got to learn about what to eat and what not to eat and that certain yogurt with fruit can give you a boost to start your day. One last thing that I thought was good for the students was how to make homemade healthy granola.”

· “What I thought about Farmer's Market was it was great! I liked it because they were giving everyone information about healthy and organic foods, also I liked that they told us about what product should we use to clean at home because others have a lot of chemicals and are toxic which is unsafe. That's what I liked to about Farmer's Market.”

5. What other events or activities would you like to see in the future as part of SLCs?

· A performance from the different clubs would be interesting

· “I’d want afterschool programs to perform like cheer and dance ffa :). Because us ffa, want to perform haha. And also so that our parents could see and know what we do afterschool!”

· Have a lesson about how to farm

· Have something about gardening

· Jumpers / bouncy house

· Raffles

· Carnival or Fair

· Games

· Donation box for needy kids, especially for a December SLC

· I would have liked for band to play at the SLC

TECH tips

Add a Google Calendar

Want to add your Google Calendar to the iPad's Calendar app? No problem. In Settings open Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Add an account and tap on Other. Tap on Add CalDAV Account and enter your Google Account credentials (the Server is Exit the Settings app and tap on the Calendar app and all your events should appear. By default all calendars are displayed, but you can tap on the Calendars button to choose which ones are shown.


Granger will be hosting CRAM sessions the following two Saturday's for students to come in and study for finals and complete assignements as needed. All students will be invited to come in and study.

If you are interested in opening up your classroom on December 6th or 13th, please let Mr.Ornelas know asap.


Thursday, Dec. 11th, 12:15pm

2101 Granger Ave

National City, CA

Granger Junior High will be having a schoolwide Anti-Bullying Assembly. All grade levels will rotate through three separate presentations.

Presenters include:

1. Anti-Defamation League

2. Kendrick Dial

3. Chris Rubio Drumming Crew


Final Exam Week Schedule

Dec. 15 – Final Exam Per. 1 & 2 (3&4)

Dec. 16 - Final Exam Per. 3 & 4 (5 & 6)

Dec. 17 - Final Exam Per. 5 & 6 (1 & 2)

Dec. 18 – Regular Schedule

Dec. 19 – Minimum Day Schedule (1:00 pm dismissal)

Special thanks to Mayor Morrison

Special thanks to Mayor Ron Morrison for his Thanksgiving Turkey donations to the Granger families.