Classical Conversations, Arnold, CA



Hello CC families!
I am so excited to have found such a clever way to keep you all up to date with the business of our group.
  • Below you will find videos, some better then others :).
  • The Information video is fabulous and I recommend you watch that with your spouse, and then pass it on to a friend.
  • The new calendar for the next 6 weeks of Cycle 2
  • The official date for the Modesto Practicum
  • Our Facebook page

Glean from this what you can, and enjoy the Orchestra Song.

The Orchesta Song! Sung by the Angles Camp group in 2012

Classical Conversations Orchestra
Classical Conversations Info Mtg, (Noble, NC)

Parent Practicum

Tuesday, May 20th, 9am

W Rumble Rd

Modesto, CA

This event have finally been posted on Classical Conversations, however you cannot register for it today. I will let you know when that becomes available.

Rebecca Verkerk

Foundations / Essentials Director for Classical Conversations in Arnold