Poor Antarctica

Help us save Antarctica!!!

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Antarctica is the most southern continent on Earth causing it to be extremely cold. Since Antarctica is the southernmost continent, it is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Scientists also consider Antarctica as a desert since it doesn't have much rain.


The most seen and best known animals from the southern continent are penguins, whales, seals, albatrosses (which is a very big seabird), and other seabirds. Another animals include krill, which is the main source of food in Antarctica.

Though Antarctica is a wonderful place, there is an issue...

According to our reseacrh, we belive that Antarctica has been experiencing plenty of issues such as;

Global warming, increased tourism(oil spills), over-fishing and many more issues!

Global Warming

Firstly, we believe that global warming has occurred in Antarctica for a period of time. It has caused many ice shelves to collapse. If the ice were to melt, you can see the loss of ice turning into water. If the climate continues to warm, scientists predict that the krill population will decrease, ruining the entire southern polar food chain.

Increased Tourism/Oil Spills

Secondly, another an extreme issue that has been identified in Antarctica is oil spills. When people vist Antarctica, they must travel by ships or boats, which could cause oil spills.

Oil spills can affect the entire food chain because krill is the main food source for many of Antarctica's animals. They live in the water and when the oil spills, they get killed, so that significantly affects the animal's food source. When there is an oil spill, there are dangerous gases that leads to air pollution. As a result, this can kill the cute little animals. Do you remember the animals at the top? Don't you want to save them?!


Lastly, we have researched that changes to the environment when an area is overfished. Overfishing destorys the food source of many animals. This action can also destory other marine lives. When fishermen fish, they use large nets. These nets, when dragged against the water can accidently catch other protected marine life which are illegal to fish. Over-fishing can even ruin the fishermen's and our lives! The reason is because when the fishermen catch all the fish, there would barely be any fish to catch and there won't be any fish for us to eat!!

But, there is a solution...

Splish, splash. Can you hear that? Can you hear that? Can you hear the thrashing waves increasing? Well, if you want to help save Antarctica from all these issues, then you must follow the following steps: