Life before the Constitution

Shoe Maker

I make shoes and have my own tools to do so. To get theses tools I had to go into debt but thought it would be easy to repay. Sadly the government stopped making paper money and shoe prices have gone down. I fought in the war and got an IOU but sold it to someone else so that I had hard cash. Many other people did this and now some of the rich people want a section in the constitution that demands all of the IOUs to be paid. This would be bad because the taxes would be raised so that the government could give rich people more money.


I own a small piece of farmland in Massachusetts and grow crops with the help of my family. I am in debt because last year I had a bad crop and I had to buy food and a new plow. Now the bank that I lent money to are demanding payment. Normally I would pay the debt in crops but they won't let me for some reason so I am worried i'll be thrown in jail. I hear about a group of farmers that are having the same problems I have and are going to rebel. I join them and we stop the courts for a multiple weeks but then when we try to take a town with guns and gunpowder we get stopped. I hope the national and state government start to make more money so we can get paid fro fighting in the war.


I work with my family as a banker and get most of my money from loans and interest. Sadly a law has been passed that lets people who owe me money pay in crops or anything worth money. For example I have been paid in animals such as cows. In other states where these laws haven't been passed people who don't pay get put in jail. Sadly when people here were to be put in jail Shay's rebellion stopped the court from doing so. On the other hand I have many IOUs that soldier in the war sold to me. Hopefully when the constitution is passed I will get paid for all of the IOUs I have, it's thousands of dollars.