Spanish 2 online class

week 9 March 16-20/ unit 5

Tomorrow Monday the 16th, we will begin unit 5

Unit 5 is part of the second grading period and it is also consider a new start for all those students who did not pass the first grading period.

This class is divided in:

First grading period (units 1-4)

Second grading period (units 5-8)

Final project (exam and final project)

Everything will be averaged at the end to give you a final grade.

Closing day

KEEP this date in mind

March 20th!! by 11:55pm
This date all incomplete work for weeks 6, 7 and 8 will be graded with a zero as we put an end to the first grading period.
Make sure to have ALL of you work completed by then. Remember that there was an extension given due to inclement weather.


Please let me know if you need anything. Progress reports were sent out. Students can monitor their grades from the online class.